Kinky Curly Theological Collective, Telling Our Stories Series

Call for Submissions

Telling Our Stories; Reframing the Meta-Narrative
Call for Submissions

The Kinky Curly Theological Collective invites women of African descent to contribute to the development of a body of work that explores the identities of women in the context of our spiritual and faith experiences. We invite written pieces that address:  

  • How our faith has been a source of liberation and resilience
  • How our experiences connected to religious institutions have both benefited and hurt our relationship with God and others
  • What it means to be a black and African woman in the Church and other religious institutions
  • How we practice emotional and spiritual wellness as black and African women
  • The importance of centering our experience and expertise in the practice of spirituality and theology
  • The importance of elevating our cultural identity in the practice of spirituality and theology
  • The value of bringing our multiple, intersecting identities to the development of our spiritual practice and faith experience
  • The importance of identifying how our identities have not always been embraced by our faith and religious backgrounds
  • The value of building deeper relationships between and amongst black and African women

Interested participants may submit either a poem or essay that addresses one or more of the identified themes to by Saturday, August 25 (deadline has been extended). In the subject line please put Kinky Curly Theological Collective Submission. Works should not exceed five pages. Individuals whose pieces are selected will have the opportunity to read their work aloud at an event in August. We are also working to compile the submitted pieces into a book.

Here are some of the events that we hosted this past spring to support this writing process: 

Exploring Our Spiritual Roots
Saturday, May 19
11 am – 2pm
At this session, we will spend time unpacking the practices, rituals, stories, and beliefs that have undergirded our faith journeys. This session will provide opportunity for women to deepen their own practices and explore in writing how these practices can strengthen their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Writing for Our Liberation

Saturday, June 9
11 am – 2pm
At this session, we will have authors Jasmine Tane’t Boudah* and Jo Saxton** share with us the importance of women of African descent sharing and writing our narratives. They will explain their own writing process and explore how their process has enhanced their ability to communicate their faith journeys. 

*Jasmine Tane’t Boudah, M.Ed
Author of Mothering through Pain

**Jo Saxton
Author of the Dream of You