Fragmented and Whole, Kinky Curly Theological Collective

Fragmented and Whole Cohort Members

KCTC Apr 4

In January 2020, the Kinky Curly Theological Collective announced our 2020 Writing Opportunity: Fragmented and Whole (c). We invited Black women from Minnesota to be a part of this cohort, to share space with each other, honor our spiritual practices, all the while writing in community with each other. We are pleased to announce the following as cohort members, who will be accompanying us on this writing journey:

Essence Batts
Ayolanda Evans
Barbara Fadirepo
Zer’Von Jackson
Arleta Little
Christie Owens
Chalonne Wilson

Over the next several months – because that Rona won’t stop us – we will gather, reflect, and write. While our original plans have changed a bit because of the current circumstances, we remain steadfast in this journey, believing that our coming together is of only of Divine origin and preparation for what is ahead. 

* Bios forthcoming *