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The Methodological Importance of Unveiling

To unveil is to uncover a person, an object, or a concept that was previously hidden away from public view. It is to shine light on something that was at one time or another shrouded in darkness. The act of uncovering is to give voice and acknowledgment to what we did not know, or rather,… Continue reading The Methodological Importance of Unveiling

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New Resource: Spirituality for Black Women

  What does spirituality look like for Black women? What is the difference between religion and spirituality in our own lives? How does the history of religion as an imperial weapon impact our own religious practices? Our spiritual ones? How might a liberating spirituality take shape in our own lives and what would it look… Continue reading New Resource: Spirituality for Black Women

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Unveiling the Black Woman Inside

The Kinky Curly Theological Collective is excited to announce our 2019 writing workshops series - Unveiling the Black Woman Inside. This series aspires to provide a space for women of African ascent to define ourselves through the practice of spiritual, movement, and writing in the company of other women. Each session will include an embodied… Continue reading Unveiling the Black Woman Inside