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Unveiling the Black Woman Inside

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The Kinky Curly Theological Collective is excited to announce our 2019 writing workshops series – Unveiling the Black Woman Inside. This series aspires to provide a space for women of African ascent to define ourselves through the practice of spiritual, movement, and writing in the company of other women. Each session will include an embodied practice, networking, and time to write. Bring your notebook and wear comfortable clothes.


To Be a Black Woman (link to register)
January 26, 2019

Noon – 3pm
What is it to be a Black woman? What does Blackness mean and how is it similar or different to what it means to be African? How have our ideas of gender and sexuality impacted the way we understand womanhood? How do we see ourselves in relation to these terms? How are they either confining or liberating? How are we constructing the identity that we want to see reflected in ourselves?

Spirituality for Black Women (link to register)
February 23, 2019
noon – 3pm
What does spirituality look like for Black women? What is the difference between religion and spirituality in our own lives? How does the history of religion as an imperial weapon impact our own religious practices? Our spiritual ones? How might a liberating spirituality take shape in our own lives and what would it look like?

Our Heritage (Link to register)
March 30, 2019
Noon – 3pm

What is our spiritual and cultural heritage? What are the stories, ritual, and practices passed down from generation to generation? How are we remembering those in making our own to sustain our physical and spiritual wellbeing?

Spirituality and Sexuality (Link to register)
April 27, 2019

Noon – 3pm
How do we understand our bodies in relation to our spirituality? In what ways do we feel liberated or confined in terms of our sexuality? How have we been forced to separate from our sexuality in order to be spiritual? How does heterosexism inhibit our religious and spiritual practice? What might a liberating framework around sexuality and spirituality look like?